365 Project Day #97: Synonymous

Apr 7th, 2014


This seemed really funny to me, so I took a photo and screwed with the lighting and colors a bit. Just some fun.

365 Project Day #96: Deadline

Apr 6th, 2014


I have to admit, this project is getting harder, and I’m only a quarter of the year in, give or take. I’m coming up with these photos closer and closer to the deadline for each day!

365 Project Day #95: Flight

Apr 5th, 2014


I got out of the house for some relaxing me time today, I spent a while sitting outside a local airport watching the planes. It was a nice day.

365 Project Day #94: Extinct

Apr 4th, 2014


Well, tonight our thermostat seems to have finally given up the ghost. It’s not too shocking really, I mean… look at the thing. It may be the first thermostat ever made.

365 Project Day #93: Loose

Apr 3rd, 2014


Just having some fun here, I have a lot of loose change in a jar, I may get around to cashing it in one day.

365 Project Day #92: Strap

Apr 2nd, 2014


I haven’t really had much use for my RS-Sport this year, except when I was visiting the ruins, so I thought maybe it’s time to start to dust it off. I’d like to have the camera with me more often!

365 Project Day #91: Nest

Apr 1st, 2014


I got my new toys today, including a Drobo 5n storage unit and the hard drives to put in it. I found it pretty bemusing how many boxes it came in. The Drobo itself came in a bag, in the white box on top, in the brown box under it, in the big box under that one!

365 Project Day #90: Sequel

Mar 31st, 2014


So in addition to the ever growing pile of power cards from last night, I also have a pretty solid pile of tickets I never got around to cashing in. You know, I think it’s time I went back to Dave & Buster’s!

365 Project Day #89: Power Hungry

Mar 30th, 2014

Power Hungry

Somehow, I manage to keep accumulating these things, even though I try to always consolidate all the points and tickets on to the one in my wallet!

365 Project Day #88: Compete

Mar 29th, 2014


Please forgive the poor quality of this photo, I only had my phone available today. This was the field during a rare quiet moment at the SBPLI FIRST Robotics Regional Competition today.

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